LITTLE READER is the accidental love child of Ross Flournoy and Kate Tucker, spun from one golden afternoon in the hills of Los Angeles where they met in a garden to write their first song. One thing led to another and soon after, Ross was on his way to Nashville, where Kate and her favorite studio mates, Graham Bechler and Mark Watrous, welcomed him with open arms and lots of ¼ inch tape.

Now we wait…for THE BIG SCORE.



"Speed of Light" Video premiere



Conan O'Brien's TEAM COCO has the exclusive premiere for "Speed of Light," the first ever Little Reader music video, directed by Jessie English, shot in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland by Austin Thomasson and Dae Ja, featuring the marvelous Shan Turner-Carroll.

Watch it HERE



News & Updates

Pop Dust Premiere's "Burn Eternal" Listen HERE

New pop duo Little Reader channels The Pretenders on latest single from upcoming debut produced by Mark Watrous of The Shins.


Video for "Speed of Light" is up on Conan O'Brien's TEAM COCO.  

Watch it HERE


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The Big Score

From the The Big Score, the forthcoming debut by Little Reader, produced by Mark Watrous (The Shins, Earl Burrows), and recorded at Strange Attraction in Nashville, Tennessee.

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